Bubble football is the most enjoyable ball game out of all the different kinds of football. It’s like classic football and sumo wrestling had a baby. And if that’s not enough throughout the whole game you are wearing an enormous inflatable bubble from which only your lower part of your legs are hanging out. The view and feeling of the bubbles only makes bubble football more hilarious.

This activity became so popular that some countries even organize championships nationwide. Fun, laughter, loops and collisions just the typical marks of bubble football. It’s also common that some players overturn with their bubbles. In this scenario a footloose team member will come in handy to get you back on your feet.

It can be played indoors and outdoors as well and gender doesn’t matter. The best part is that you don’t need any pre workout, expertise or previous experience. The goal is to aim the ball into the enemy’s hoop however the kick off is already way to funny.

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