zorb football prices budapest

Have you ever been confronted with the prices of a program on the spot during a trip? We believe you if you say that it’s an unpleasant experience, as you may need to reorganize your entire holiday. If you would also like to plan well in advance how much you will probably spend, then read our Zorb Football Prices Budapest article; after reading this you will not be surprised! 

Zorb Football Prices Budapest – What Do You Need To Know About Zorb Football?

Zorb Football or Bubble Football is a fairly new sport that is more of a pastime, as there aren’t many rules other than kicking into the goal. The point is, players run in huge balls on the pitch after the ball, trying to score a goal and of course bump into each other! Since there are no red and yellow cards, they cannot be expelled from the game. If you think stumbling over each other is dangerous, we must reassure you, as Bubble Football is a 100% safe sport. Inside the huge, impact-resistant balls, the shoulder straps and inner handles ensure your safety. As a result, this game can be played regardless of gender or age. Don’t worry if it’s raining as we have outdoor and indoor pitches too! 

zorb football prices budapest

Zorb Football Prices Budapest – What Services Can You Use?

Some of our services vary from package to package, but there are basic services that you can find in all packages. These include a 1-hour long Zorb Football game, pitch rentals, English-speaking staff and a Music Speaker. Extra services include transport, a round of beer after the match, a visit to the 3 ruin pubs, unlimited beer and wine (1 hour). In addition, there are high-end programs such as attending an international party in a club as a VIP guest and the Beer Bike tour, which includes additional services.

 zorb football prices budapest


A minimum of 6 people must participate in our BASIC PACKAGE (6 € / person). This includes an hour of Zorb Football, the price of the pitch, English-speaking staff and a music speaker. A minimum of 8 people must play within our additional 3 packages. Our PREMIUM (stag party) PACKAGE (25 €/person) includes extra transport to the program venue and a round of free beer. The remaining two packages include the Premium Package.

With PUBCRAWL PACKAGE (35 €/person) you can take part in pubcrawl with a guide, a 3 ruin bars tour and an international VIP party. Last but not least, you can have unlimited beer and wine for an hour! With BEERBIKE PACKAGE (€ 50 / person) you can take part in a 1.5-hour long Beer Bike tour with 20L of beer, a beautiful guide, a sober driver and free transport.

zorb football prices budapest

Now with Zorb Football Prices Budapest article you can plan your days better here in the Hungarian capital. Try new entertainment options and get unforgettable experiences! If you want to try a really exciting new sport, we look forward to seeing you!

bubble ball soccer

Have you been planning a trip to Central Europe with your family or friends for a long time? Since you probably don’t go abroad every day, it’s a good idea to fix your programs in advance so you can make better use of your time. Go beyond traditional sightseeing and organize other exciting programs! If you have never heard of it, check out Bubble Ball Soccer, which is guaranteed to kick off your holiday!

What Is Bubble Ball Soccer?

Bubble Ball Soccer or Bubble Football is a fairly new sport, which is actually an entertainment opportunity as well. It’s a little different than traditional football, as you have to run on the field in huge balls and score a goal. This sport is more casual than traditional football, as there are no red and yellow cards, but it is almost mandatory to collide with each other and have fun! While football players often experience minor or major injuries, this doesn’t happen during this game, as it’s completely safe thanks to the shoulder straps, inner handles and the huge impact-absorbing ball!

bubble ball soccer

Who Do We Recommend Bubble Ball Soccer?

As it is a completely safe sport, we recommend it to everyone, regardless of age or gender. Surely the question has arisen in you as to what is the right occasion for this game. We wholeheartedly recommend it for any occasion that is celebrated, be it a birthday, name day, stag party or a simple Sunday afternoon time with friends. As sports and entertainment bring people closer together, giant balls also stand for an unusual team-building program. Fortunately, this sport is not weather-dependent, as our indoor and outdoor pitches allow the game to run smoothly.

bubble ball soccer

How Much Does Bubble Ball Soccer Cost?

A minimum of 6 people must participate in our BASIC PACKAGE (6 € / person). This includes an hour of Bubble Ball Soccer, the price of the pitch, English-speaking staff and a music speaker. A minimum of 8 people must play within our additional 3 packages. Our PREMIUM (stag party) PACKAGE (25 €/person) includes extra transport to the program venue and a round of free beer. The remaining two packages include the Premium Package. With PUBCRAWL PACKAGE (35 €/person) you can take part in a guided pubcrawl, a 3 ruin bars tour and an international VIP party. Last but not least, you can have unlimited beer and wine for an hour! With BEERBIKE PACKAGE (€ 50 / person) you can take part in a 1.5-hour long Beer Bike tour with 20L of beer, a beautiful guide, a sober driver and free transport.

bubble ball soccer

If you’d had any questions about the game before, we probably answered them by now. Complete your bucket list and take part in as many exciting programs as possible! Choose from our Bubble Ball Soccer packages and get an unforgettable experience!

date in budapest

The Hungarian capital boasts not only great sights, but also countless places that are ideal for a perfect date. It’s not worth stressing yourself over choosing the right program, just strive to be confident. We are now taking this burden off your shoulders and showing you where to date in Budapest!

Rosy Date In Budapest

If you love nature, you will definitely enjoy the next program! Visit Hungary’s oldest botanical garden, founded in 1771! The 3.5-hectare garden with parks and greenhouses is an ideal place to have a peaceful conversation. The romantic atmosphere of the date is provided by a variety of tropical plants, palms and orchids.

date in budapest

Bath Date In Budapest

Did you know that Hungary’s thermal and spa baths are world class? Indeed, the country has the fifth largest thermal water supply in the world! In Budapest, the thermal baths are easily accessible, be it the Gellért Bath, the Széchenyi Bath or the Rudas Bath, which offers a breathtaking view of the city. Can you imagine a more romantic date in Budapest?

date in budapest

Exciting Date In Budapest

It is well known that sport relieves the potential tension that is natural in such situatons, yet annoying. That’s why you should go to a Bubble Football match, where you can run on the field without rules! Bubble Football is a little more than a sport, as you know you’re going to laugh uproariously at yourself and each other. If this is not your first date and you feel like you want to introduce your new partner to your friends, then this program is for you!

date in budapest

+1 Idea: Beautiful Panorama And Delicious Dinner

Finally, here comes an exciting program that isn’t exactly a sport, but is definitely recommended for those who love adrenaline! Visit Normafa by cable car between Zugliget and János Hill lookout tower! If you want to have a romantic traditional Hungarian dinner, we recommend the Elizabeth lookout tower, which is located at the highest point of Budapest, at the top of János Hill. From here, the sunset is also amazing!

date in budapest

Budapest is full of better and better programs and places, we could list them until the evening. The ideas listed above will surely inspire you to organize an unforgettable date in Budapest!

bubble football for team building

Improving social relationships has long been a concern of people throughout history. For a community, the coherence of the members is essential to achieve the right results. Have you ever considered participating in team building? It’s a great way to get your team members closer together for better results, and even make friends! Now we present one of the coolest, out of the ordinary forms of team building, during which you can relax and laugh a lot together! Get to know Bubble Football for team building!

What Is Bubble Football?

Have you ever heard of Bubble Football? Imagine running inside a big, transparent ball on the field with friends and colleagues so that the only rule is that there are no rules! That’s right, in this game you can forget about the red and yellow cards, so feel free to crash with your friends! Don’t worry about getting hurt, because this is a completely safe sport.

bubble football for team building

Why We Recommend Bubble Football For Team Building?

Many people sit in pubs for team building, which is of course not a problem, but collective sports have a myriad of benefits. In addition to increasing stamina to reach a common goal and strengthening relationships, it also makes you feel good and has a positive effect on your immune system! Its team-building power is many times greater than any other team-building activities. Bubble Football for team building is therefore a very good idea. Naturally, after the sport, you can enjoy the well-deserved beer that we provide you!

bubble football for team building

What Do You Need To Know About Bubble Football For Team Building?

It’s important to know that Bubble Football is a completely safe sport so you don’t have to worry about any injuries! Also, there is no age limit, so anyone can play the game regardless of age and gender. As for the number of participants in the game, all you need to know is that the minimum number of people is 8. Don’t worry if there are ‘too many of you’ as you can take turns, moreover Bubble Football is a sport that is as much fun for spectators as it is for players! In case you can’t keep up with the pace like your peers, feel free to take a breather!

bubble football for team building

You want to get involved in team building, but haven’t found the right program yet? Take part in a fantastic experience and choose Bubble Football for team building!

You want your friend to have an unforgettable experience for a special occasion, but you don’t have any ideas? Would you like to try something new that is slightly different than other traditional programs? Visit Budapest, where you will get to know Zorb Football with great prices and beautiful sights!

What Is Zorb Football?

Zorb Football is not just a sport, but rather a type of entertainment. Imagine running inside a giant ball on a pitch with your friends where the only rule is to have fun! Best of all, it is the perfect program for almost any occasion, as anyone of all ages and genders can play it as it is absolutely safe!

zorb football

For What Occasions Do We Recommend Zorb Football?

Since everyone, regardless of age and gender, can play safely, we recommend Zorb Football for a wide variety of programs! It is a great opportunity for team building, for students and colleagues in the workplace. What’s more, it’s great for a family program whether you want to celebrate a birthday, a name day, or just do some leisure time together. In case a friend is about to have a stag party, he would surely appreciate this extraordinary program and of course the free beer that comes with it!

zorb football

Where Can You Play?

Fortunately, Zorb Football is not influenced by the weather, as we have indoor and outdoor pitches! We currently have ten pitches. Six indoor, one outdoor only, two outdoor which are covered in winter and one, which is both indoor and outdoor. In case you are planning to have several programs in one day, we recommend that you choose a pitch from where you can easily get to downtown! Indoor pitches include the Griff Squash & Fitness Club at 152 Bartók Béla Street and the Goli Soccer at 21 Adresa Adolf Street. MOM Sport, which is located at Csörsz utca 14-16. and the Angyalföld Sports Center under Rozsnyay Street 4, which is also an indoor pitch.

zorb football

Organize an unforgettable trip with your friends or family to Budapest! In addition to the beautiful attractions, you are guaranteed to take part in excellent programs and at a great price! Come and get to know Zorb Football, have fun and laugh a lot!

Budapest is a very popular destination for foreign tourists, especially in summer. No wonder, as the Hungarian capital offers countless opportunities for exciting holidays. If you would like to visit a city where you can participate in a variety of activities, read our Holiday Activities In Budapest article!

Beaches And Baths, One Of The Most Popular Holiday Activities In Budapest

You like to enjoy the summer by the pool? You came to the best place, because Budapest is full of excellent baths! Seasonal beaches such as the Palatinus and the Roman Coast open in May and close in September. Most baths have open-air and indoor pools, so you can splash away to your heart’s content on a rainy day!

holiday activities in budapest

A Gastronomic Experience: Wine Tasting

Do you like different wines and chill in the summer heat? Visit the historic cellar of the Hilton Hotel, part of the Buda Castle District, where you can sample the wines of the best Hungarian wineries (Tokaj, Eger, Szekszárd, Villány)! Beside the breathtaking view of the Danube River, you will learn about the steps of wine making, and if you are lucky, even bump into a famous movie star!Beer Bike Tour

holiday activities in budapest

Beer Bike Tour: One Of The Most Exciting Holiday Activities In Budapest

If you love participating in a really exciting program with your friends, then try the beer bike in Budapest! During the one and a half hour long tour, you will feel as if you were dropped into a smaller house party! In addition to listening to your favorite music, you can also choose from a variety of drinks! You don’t like beer? Then order wine, champagne, prosecco or even a soft drink!

holiday activities in budapest

A Series Of Attractions Along A Tour: Boat Trip

In case you want to see the beautiful panorama of Budapest, take a boat trip! If you do not want to go in the heat, take advantage of the cooler evenings when the temperature is nice. Hungarian gastronomy is a must-have part of the Holiday Activities in Budapest. Have an unforgettable dinner while admiring the UNESCO’s World Heritage’s sights!

holiday activities in budapest

You can’t miss sports in the Holiday Activities In Budapest, as they are very healthy and cheer you right up! If you love football, try it out in a Bubble Football! Whether you’re a player or a spectator, you’re guaranteed to have fun! You don’t like to go out on a hot day in the heat? No problem, we can provide indoor pitches! Come on over with your friends and have a laugh at each other!

Bubble Balls for Adults

As the good weather approaches, we spend more and more time outdoors. Big cities like Budapest offer countless opportunities for better and better outdoor sports. We’ve just summed up what you might want to try if you go out. Here are the best outdoor sport activities in Budapest!

One Of The Free Outdoor Sport Activities In Budapest – Running

It’s known that running is one of the best sports. It also helps you unwind, relax and boosts the immune system. Would you like to run in a picturesque environment and get it for free? Head to Margaret Island! The 5.3 km of renovated long padded track will comfortably accommodate other runners!

outdoor sport activities in budapest

The Latest Outdoor Sport Activities In Budapest – Street Workout

Street training has become a very common form of exercise in recent years. There are more than 80 training parks in Budapest, and one of them is on Margaret Island! So if you want to train before or after a run, you can do it here!

outdoor sport activities in budapest

Team Sports – Sport Parks

Do you like playing basketball or football? If you enjoy outdoor activities in the spring or summer, we recommend the Nehru Coast, renovated in 2016! This park is very popular with the young people of the city, because they can use a basketball court and football pitch, a street workout park and a skate park!

outdoor sport activities in budapest

Summer Outdoor Sport Activities In Budapest – Swimming

Swimming is probably the best sport on hot summer days as it refreshes us completely! Did you try the Margaret Island Runway? Take a look at Alfred Hajós National Swimming Complex, which has several pools! If you get hungry after a swim, no problem, as there is a great buffet!

outdoor sport activities in budapest

If you would like to take part in one of the most special outdoor sport activities in Budapest, check out Bubble Football! This activity is more than just a sport as you can have fun with your friends! We recommend it to anyone, regardless of age and gender as it is completely safe!

bubble football

Budapest has long been a popular destination not only for foreign tourists but also for stag parties. This is understandable, because the city has great programs and prices for those who wish to say goodbye to their “free” days. If you are just visiting here for a few days but would like to depart from the average stags, don’t miss the Bubble Football!

Bubble Football – It’s not an average sport!

You probably know and have already experienced on your own skin how healthy sport is. Well, this sport is not just a sport, it’s so much more! Imagine an event where you can try a special sport with your buddies while having a good laugh! You don’t like rules? There’s no red or yellow card in this game.

bubble football

Bubble Football – Free beer after football!

The concepts of beer and match have long been interwoven. It isn’t a coincidence that it feels extremely good to grab a cold beer after the game as a player and during the game as a spectator. Do you like liquid malt too? Great, because after the game you get a round of free beer!

bubble football

Bubble Football – Opportunities for other stag party activities

We have selected our packages to make this couple of days an unforgettable experience for you. That’s why if you’d like to take part in extraordinary, crazy programs, we recommend the Beerbike and the Pubcrawl! You don’t know how to get to your accomodation from the airport? Don’t worry, because we provide your group with a transfer with English-speaking staff.

bubble football

Bubble Football – Not weather dependent

Be it a hot day or a thunderstorm, none of them are a problem at this sport! We can organize the game on both outdoor and indoor pitches so the weather can’t ruin your program.

bubble football

Would you like your friend’s stag party to be a lifetime experience? Take part in a bubble football match where you are guaranteed to have a good time! Be eight or even twenty, no one will be bored! It’s a completely safe sport that will not only be enjoyed by players but also by spectators!






best sport pubs

Football is the most popular sport in our country, too. You also love it, but while you are not in the mood to visit overcrowded venues, you would like to go out with your friends? We’ve taken a journey around the town, and sampled a few places. So, here are the best sport pubs in Budapest!

Nr. 1 Best Sport Pubs: Kingbike Beerbike

If you’d like to try the most extreme way of drinking beer, get to know the Kingbike Beerbike! The neon lighted party bike is the perfect choice, if you’d like to celebrate your birthday, bachelor or hen party with your friends! Don’t you like beer? Don’t worry, because you can choose other drinks, like wine, champagne, prosecco, cider, soft drinks or mineral water. Furthermore, if you get hungry, you can eat sandwitches!

best sport pubs

Nr. 2 Best Sport Pubs: Champs Sport Pub

If you are a true sports fan, your kind of place will be the Champs Sport Pub with its 1900 sport channels on Dohány St. 20! No matter if it’s a casual Monday evening dinner with a hamburger and beer or a Sunday lunch! This bar is open on every day of the week with its wide range of food and drink supply.

best sport pubs

Nr. 3 Best Sport Pubs: SCORE! Sport Bar & Billiard

SCORE! proved to be a real trail-blazer in the hospitality business. If you want to be a part of the American joie de vivre, off you go to one of the best sport pubs in Budapest, which located in Dob St. 65! The aesthetically designed bar, located in the centre, is one of the biggest in its own category with its 400 square metres.

best sport pubs 1

Nr. 4 Best Sport Pubs: Puskás Pancho Sport Pub

When speaking of the best sport pubs in Budapest we must save a spot for Puskás Pancho Sport Pub, which is named after the best Hungarian football player of all times. The venue, equipped with 12 plasma televisions, is a true pilgrimage destination for football lovers, as they can have a closer look into the life of Puskás Öcsi. Beside his mementos and photos, his favourite Hungarian and Spanish dishes can be found on Bécsi St. 56!

best sport pubs 5

Nr. 5 Best Sport Pubs: Budapest Park

For last but not least of the best sport pubs in Budapest, here comes an open-air venue, where you can cheer in front of an enormous 15 square metre big LED projector along with heaps of people. Would you like to celebrate the victory of your favourites or forget their loss? Under Soroksári Rd. 60. the night doesn’t end with the end of the match quite yet! They are waiting for the visitors with concerts and parties!

best sport pubs 4

Let’s attune yourselves to watching football with the mates with a Bubble Football match, after which beer will be especially refreshening! Do you have girls in the group? Great, because bubble football is a game that we recommend wholeheartedly regardless of age and gender!

Bubble Football Game in Budapest

Would you like to learn more about the history of bubble soccer? Being fun and popular activity today, its journey had a very bumpy ride at the beginning.

Bubble soccer, or bubble football as known in many parts of the world, is a Norwegian invention. It was created by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in 2011 when they wanted to give a hilarious twist to traditional football. They never expected to start such a spectacular and funny sport all around the world.  The game was brought to the UK by Lee Moseley, who decided to finance the activity there.

Bubble soccer in the USA

After posting a video from Italy about a bubble ball game that went viral, it reached New Zealand and the United States by 2014. In the USA the game had to face many issues because it was difficult to find available, high-quality equipment that resulted in the failure of many early-adopters. As there were basically no industry standards about what constitutes as a real bumper ball, and insurers were not willing to support the game because of the lack of history and proper management, bubble soccer was off to a difficult start in the USA.

The National Association of Bubble Soccer was founded in early 2014, which intended to solve all of these initial problems. They’ve put the rule book together, standardized the bubble ball for adults and kids, adopted the traditional rules of football, but with the allowance of full contact. As a result, insurers and affiliates were willing to underwrite contracts.

The first bubble soccer ball championship has been held in 2015 in Las Vegas, called “The Bubble Bowl”, where Canadians, Americans and the best players of the Bubble Soccer Association competed for Vince Lumbubble Trophy.

Bubble football today

Nowadays bubble soccer is a fun and popular activity around the globe. It is an entertaining outdoor activity for friends, family, and corporate events for team building. If you want to do some sports and have immense fun at the same time, you cannot miss a chance to try this amazing opportunity. Book bubble football while you spend your time in Budapest.