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Bubble Football Game in Budapest

Bubble football history

Would you like to learn more about the history of bubble soccer? Being fun and popular activity today, its journey had a very bumpy ride at the beginning. Bubble soccer, or bubble football as known in many parts of the world, is a Norwegian…
Bubble Football Fun Facts

Bubble soccer fun facts - manchester legends vs. dudes

The Dude Perfect team flew all the way from Texas to challenge the Manchester City Legends’ team where all the players are professionals. The Dude Perfect formation is known for their precise ball techniques and they’ve already had lots…
Funny moments of Bubble Soccer

Bubble ball soccer - The funny moments of bubble football

Bubble football is the most enjoyable ball game out of all the different kinds of football. It’s like classic football and sumo wrestling had a baby. And if that’s not enough throughout the whole game you are wearing an enormous inflatable…
Bubble Soccer Budapest

Soccer bumper ball - 4 tips for playing bubble football

If you want to start the New Year right, getting in shape and having fun while doing so, than bubble football is the perfect option for you. This sport (which has jumping and lots of bumping involved) was first seen on television in Norway and…
Messi Bubble Football

Why is bubble football so awesome? - Professionals on the field

Everyone knows the FC Barcelona football team. They have been practicing hard for years so that they can be in the top. Their hard work paid off, at the end of the year they got to try out the bubble football. This unordinary practice took place…