Bubble Balls for Adults

As the good weather approaches, we spend more and more time outdoors. Big cities like Budapest offer countless opportunities for better and better outdoor sports. We’ve just summed up what you might want to try if you go out. Here are the best outdoor sport activities in Budapest!

One Of The Free Outdoor Sport Activities In Budapest – Running

It’s known that running is one of the best sports. It also helps you unwind, relax and boosts the immune system. Would you like to run in a picturesque environment and get it for free? Head to Margaret Island! The 5.3 km of renovated long padded track will comfortably accommodate other runners!

outdoor sport activities in budapest

The Latest Outdoor Sport Activities In Budapest – Street Workout

Street training has become a very common form of exercise in recent years. There are more than 80 training parks in Budapest, and one of them is on Margaret Island! So if you want to train before or after a run, you can do it here!

outdoor sport activities in budapest

Team Sports – Sport Parks

Do you like playing basketball or football? If you enjoy outdoor activities in the spring or summer, we recommend the Nehru Coast, renovated in 2016! This park is very popular with the young people of the city, because they can use a basketball court and football pitch, a street workout park and a skate park!

outdoor sport activities in budapest

Summer Outdoor Sport Activities In Budapest – Swimming

Swimming is probably the best sport on hot summer days as it refreshes us completely! Did you try the Margaret Island Runway? Take a look at Alfred Hajós National Swimming Complex, which has several pools! If you get hungry after a swim, no problem, as there is a great buffet!

outdoor sport activities in budapest

If you would like to take part in one of the most special outdoor sport activities in Budapest, check out Bubble Football! This activity is more than just a sport as you can have fun with your friends! We recommend it to anyone, regardless of age and gender as it is completely safe!