If you want to start the New Year right, getting in shape and having fun while doing so, than bubble football is the perfect option for you. This sport (which has jumping and lots of bumping involved) was first seen on television in Norway and has elements from football and zorbing. Although it started out as a joke, soon it gained lots of followers. In 2018 it even had its own championship.

Chris Calbero who is an expert in the bubble football area and is also the owner of the Seattle bubble football team; says that you need to pay attention to 4 things in order to be awesome in it. The first and the most important is to forget the way your body moves under normal circumstances. Your are going to be in a 12 kg bubble, which is going to make moving around a bit harder. The other thing to consider is sparing your energy, don’t go too hard in the beginning otherwise you will get tired too soon.

Because this is a totally safe sport, don’t worry about getting hurt, the bubble will propect everyone. Knock the others down, otherwise you will find yourself on the ground. Lastly, if you find yourself on the floor try to get up as soon as possible. It’s not so easy to stand up, the bubble is heavy, so you can even head stand in it.

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