The Dude Perfect team flew all the way from Texas to challenge the Manchester City Legends’ team where all the players are professionals. The Dude Perfect formation is known for their precise ball techniques and they’ve already had lots of experience and success in the field of football or even basketball.

At first the players of Dude Perfect were a bit insecure about the outcome of the game. They realized quickly that the Manchester players are well accustomed and a team of professionals who are really good at what they do. During the game the men have realized that they don’t have to aim for the hoop, they only need to hit and knock over the other team’s bigger players and then try to pass the ball towards the hoop.

Unfortunately this tactic wasn’t enough to defeat the professional bubble football player Manchester City Legends. One of the Dude Perfect players even mentioned it at the end of the game that it’s quite hard to play football with a gigantic ’egg’ on your head let alone win.

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